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The reason why im writing this post is to hear your feedback about pregnancy right after a MC , im very scared right now and hoping for the best i dont have bad habits , i dont smoke or drink, i eat well walk 30mins a day , i had a low level of B12 and vitamin D when i had a blood test during last pregnancy that ended in a MC i have been taking supplements since Nov 1st.Your intake on this plz I got pregnant right after my first miscarriage (I was 5wks) but I unfortunately lost that pregnancy at 10wks. I had a subchorionic hematoma that they believe was caused by not having implantation bleeding, and I believe that in the time between my 7wk dating ultrasound and 10wks it may have grown and as well I believe I have stress induced low progesterone.After a miscarriage, you may find yourself thinking about trying again for a new pregnancy.A lot of physicians advise waiting anywhere from one to three months before attempting to conceive again.Maybe this information on the Miscarriage Association website might be some help. As for being mentally ready, I was terrified after my miscarriages. but im happy with that for this month, we cant not ttc incase we miss a chance, im nearly 39 and have 1 tube working so i dont have time to waste. i was advised to wait two months after an ERPC [hmmm] but took second and third opinions from others and there seemed no medical grounds to do so.Perhaps someone better informed will be along in a moment, but in my own experience (two miscarriages at 7-8 weeks) I've never got to the bottom of the reasons behind that advice, and can't help thinking perhaps there aren't any very convincing ones. Terrified of becoming pregnant, terrified of not becoming pregnant. sorry you are going through this purpleheather, i had a erpc on new years eve,(10wks) my gp advised us to leave ttc till i had my first af, she said this was beacause my cervix could be weakened by the procedure. I waited one month and conceived at the first attempt after that.

I just wondered if someone coud tell me what the risks are if i were to fall pregnant straight away, am i being irresponsible taking the risk? Part of me is terrified of the risk that it could happen again but my instinct is to let nature do what nature does and see what happens. It was a straightforward mc with no medical intervention needed, as Mrs Mattie says you should go with how you feel - my way of coping was to try again asap.

For most women, that first period after a miscarriage will probably not be noticeably different from your normal period, but some women might have heavier or lighter bleeding than usual in the first cycle after the miscarriage. But if your period remains abnormal for multiple cycles, or if you're having severe pain or other concerns associated with your period, you should let your doctor know.

Furthermore, if it has been longer than two or three months since your miscarriage and you haven't yet had a period, you should inform your doctor.

By far, when you can expect your period to return is probably the most common question women have about physical recovery after a miscarriage, and the answer varies depending on the person.

The gestation at the time of the loss often affects the timing of when you will resume menstruation.

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