Dating j c chasez

But the truth is, the singer has not married anyone and he is currently enjoying being single.The successful musical artist and record producer, who has dated a number of girls in his past, has hardly given us any hint about his personal life. C was romatically involved with eight different woman including Eva Longoria.

When Lance, the happy groom, was interviewed about Chasez’s reaction when he was asked to sing on his wedding then Lance replied: “JC just laughed." “He’s like, ‘Wait a minute, so now you want me to be a wedding singer now?

He sang many of his hit songs on the special day for his best friend.

The wedding was a major event which saw the presence of the four out of five former band members of NSYNC.

Melissa Joan Hart lived out all of our ‘90s teenage fantasies when she “kinda dated” a member of the Backstreet Boys and ’NSync.

Hart sat down with Us Weekly to talk about her former flings and all things ‘90s. Hart, 41, first encountered BSB when they were on an episode of her hit series Sabrina the Teenage Witch in 1998. “On Backstreet Boys day it was Nick’s 18th birthday and he kept asking me to go to his party or something,” Hart recalled to Us.

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