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" That's when the light bulb went on and the old saying came to mind ..."Find a need, meet a need." I decided to start my own website to help my friends meet people as special as they are.

I contacted my brother-in-law who is a computer engineer and the family genius.

I asked him if he was still dating someone, and guess what? I exchanged their information and they went out on a date and hit it off. In an odd series of events over the course of the next week, several other single friends had asked me if I had nice people to set them up with.

It was so strange to me because I hadn't been asked to set someone up in years and in a matter of five days I had been asked no less than five times.

A few weeks had passed and she wantedto dip her feet into the dating pool. I told her that I didn't but would keep my eyes and ears open.

Then it occurred to me, I am at an age where my friends are starting toget divorced.

I remembered it happening to my parents' friends but back then they seemed so old that it didn't even matter. Anyway, back to my single friends and their dating requests.

We always make sure there is a balanced ratio of men and women at our events.

He had been divorced a while and had been ina relationship. I asked if he would be interested in meeting my friend and he was.

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