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Given the way many of the ex-stars talk about their families and spouses and kids, he's obviously making a gross generalization.But at the same time, it's clear that if you're a former adult performer a lot of people are going to judge you—and you can see how, living with that, having Mensa declare you worthy might pack a certain punch.Millions's experience does make you wonder whether porn is truly, exceptionally horrible, or whether it's just a particularly visible examplar.

Most jobs have some unpleasantness of course—and blue collar jobs have more unpleasantness than most.

For that matter, I have friends who are teachers in the public school system, and they are often treated terribly by administrators, parents, kids—everybody basically.

Many of them have issues with depression and something that sounds a lot like post-traumatic stress.

Houston lost her job selling real estate when a client recognized her.

Randy West—who otherwise seems fairly happy with his career—talks bitterly about the fact that most charities won't allow adult stars to donate to them.

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