Dating health challenged

What could you be doing in the meantime while you're waiting for that person to show up?What would you be doing if this were your last day on earth?

But also puts pressure on himself because of what he does.That makes me feel much better and at ease in this situation.Yes, the best I've learned is that these other people have added to my life, even if things haven't progressed to anything tangible.A physical, cognitive, or emotional impairment, often caused by a neurodevelopmental disorder such as cerebral palsy or autism spectrum disorder, that appears early in life and limits a person's ability to learn, communicate, or perform one or more activities of daily life.a pathological condition that starts developing before 18 years of age.Most developmental disabilities persist throughout the individual's life, although many can be effectively treated. Loss of function brought on by prenatal and postnatal events in which the predominant disturbance is in the acquisition of cognitive, language, motor, or social skills; e.g., mental retardation, autistic disorder, learning disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Autism is not fatal in its symptom and progression but it can become fatal as it does impair normal physiological function it CAN BE a fatal condition.

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