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Yes, that is on the way to Castelgandolfo, the somewhat pompous residence of your heroine Suzy Size. This turns said fine, but inexpensive hotel so to speak - in an ideal starting point for the pursuit of happiness.As the manager Phil has hired Richard Burke who was the owner of Amor Restaurant in Boyztown. Read more Unfortunately the gay nightlife of Cancun starts late and old Suzy had gone to said disco far too early (as usual), but when she moved to Sexys Club almost next door the strippers started to do what they do best, getting rid of their clothes.Lud and Mike, the owners and managers of Panorama Pub, invited regular guests and friends Wednesday night to their traditional anniversary party.Panorama is the oldest gay Pub of Pattaya and naturally located in good old Boyztown. It was the 15th anniversary of Panorama already and this popular gay hangout is still running strong.

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Was Punya Ratana, the clever and likeable Thai owner, getting it right with that big, big boy?

His final mail before going to sleep that night - read: Suzy, I can't believe I'm thinking on going. But now on the next day in that merciless broad sunlight - the time was running out.

Suzy Size had taken her seat in that bus that was overdue to leave already and there was no Miguel Angel in sight anywhere. More lonely days stood before your heartbroken heroine Read more When your horny heroine Suzy Size sat at the bar of Wet Dreams one of the infamous gay stripper bars of Puerto Vallarta a hunky guy embraced her emphatically from behind, put his tongue into her ear and worked on her nipples with professional intensity.

Read more Only last night your heroine had made a proposal to Miguel Angel, this sexy 26years old Mexican gay guy, to come along as her companion for four nights.

And they had long chatted about that topic through e-mails that was obviously tempting to said fine young man.

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