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"I paused to take a breath and my date informed me that his mother was a personal trainer." Oops.

Even though Chintamani apologized profusely, and the date went on from there, the two never saw each other again.

Against all odds You'd think that vomiting would be an immediate dealbreaker on any first date, but in the case of Seattle-based radio-show host/comedian Monti Carlo, you'd be wrong.

"I whispered that he looked like a water color painting and commenced burping out massive amounts of vomit," she told me.

Which is fine because she's now dating a personal trainer.

"Who is not an ignorant dilettante," she is quick to add.

Not only did her date clean up after her, "He still wanted to make out the next day!

Ok Cupid just released some super-chill stats from 2015 about everything from the most-mentioned musician in people's profiles (Taylor Swift, up 114 percent from the previous year) to the biggest dating deal breakers (people who answered the question "Would you consider dating someone who has vocalized a strong negative bias toward a certain race of people?

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Or the guy I leapt away from as he tried to kiss me, gesturing frantically at the giant oozing cold sore on my lip.Award-winning journalist Brian Mc Grory reveals what you can learn about people by the way they treat animals. His brand new book, Buddy: How a Rooster Made Me a Family Man, is available today – and it’s amazing. Our first get together was perfectly nice, even if they might have exaggerated her charms.It was about a dozen years ago when some friends convinced me to go on a blind date with a woman that they guaranteed was, in their exact words, “way over my head.” Besides, they said, she’s a dog lover. From the look on her face when we met, they undoubtedly exaggerated mine as well. She planned to bring her dog to see how hers got along with mine. When I answered the door, the human half of the female duo looked great.And if they don’t have a pet, how they regard yours says just as much, if not more.Consider, for a moment, my best friend and college roommate, a delightful guy named Chris who, like me, didn’t settle down until later in the game of life.

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