Dating antique horseshoes

Thomas Scragg patented a cheaper method of making tile-pipes in 1845; by 1849 a writer in the Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England could describe a machine for making drain tiles operated by one man and three boys, who could turn out nearly 11,000 tiles off 1" bore in ten hours. Once cheap tile-pipes became available, they were widely used.In 1845 Thomas Scragg invented a machine for extruding drainage tiles, which brought their price down by about 70 per cent.Since even pairs of hames are never the same exact length, many construction adjustments have to be made.Joe Niles soon learned that wooden hames work better than metal ones as chair arms as they don’t have to be welded.With the invention and use of the extrusion method of brick making it became possible to form complete drains in one piece, and it is natural that first extruded pipes should be in the form of a horseshoe with a flat base, i.e. With the passing of time, the centre opening became circular but the flat base remained.Ultimately, the width of the base was gradually reduced until the present round pipe was evolved.

Other alternatives were flat slabs bent to D or O shapes.From the feed room to the tack room, Smart Pak offers innovative solutions to help riders take great care of their horses.Smart Pak was founded in 1999 with the introduction of the patented Smart Pak™ supplement feeding system.Drain tiles, either cylindrical or oval in section, made of hard burnt clay are now (1942) almost universally employed for field drainage (p41) - When drains are to be excavated by hand, a cord is stretched on the ground to mark the true line of the trench, along which the drainer works his shovels and ditching spades.The top of the excavation need not be more than 12 -14 inches wide, and the trench is narrowed to the breadth of the tile at the bottom.

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