Dating antique horseshoes updating arp table

Considerable economy may be effected by ploughing out the top layers of soil, (p45) The period when clayware field drains came into use is obscure.The original common form of underdrainage channel was clearly the trench, part-filled with faggots or stones and as late as the middle of the 19th century some drainage experts were still advocating the use of this type of channel in preference to the clayware drain. Johnson reporting on the ‘Elkington’ system of drainage about 1800, and other writings of that period, indicate that the clayware drain was in relatively common use by that date.

Adding extra horseshoes to the eventual design led to a much sturdier rocker.

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When Joe Niles saw a garden bench built with metal harness hames, he got the idea to build rocking chairs that feature old pieces of harness and horseshoes picked up at flea markets.

The retired farmer from La Farge, Wis., came up with unique designs for rocking chairs, end tables, benches and coffee tables that he and his wife, Donna, sell at antique shops and flea markets.

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