Dating a girl with bad credit

My reply is similar to the post above: the number one reason married couples get divorced is over financial situations.

If you really want to live with this person the rest of your life, make sure you have already sat down with her and agree on both of your financial obligations.

Student loan debts are almost impossible to get rid of, even in bankruptcy.

I won't even get into how unethical it is to just blow off your debts (which it is).

My thing right now is if she has no official income is there anyway it would affect us as a family.

You take them on like Jesus Christ took the problems of the world on his shoulders. So far its been a little more than a year so I have to give her some credit and yes we do sit down and plan our financial goals.

In a way I thought up of the idea to use my credit to ditch her old debts to give her a clean slate. She might get sued and that would be a stressful time in both of your lives but they can't take your money, in a community property state (CA right?

She has bad credit, credit card and a student loan from an attempt at college. Would anything bad happen if we just ignored her debt(mostly student loans) if all the assets were in my name and the liabilities were in her name only?

She's planning on just staying home and having a kid so she wouldn't have any source of income that could be garnished or intercepted and we have agreed that I would be responsible for the finances since I have a history of financial and career responsibility.

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