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There are several suggestion on people's willingness to download malicious virus, said Mikko Hypponen, who conducted the research at data security firm F-Secure.

First of all, people must have mistakenly pushed the button, second - curiosity sometimes overcomes natural prudence and thirdly, some people must have been stupid.

“Every time I went to a practice session, she would grumble, ‘He’s off to his fights again.’” Things changed after Vladimir Putin’s coach visited his home and told his parents about what he did and what he achieved; the family’s attitude toward this sport changed.

I have Windows and I'm know where to go and not to go on the internet!

Take part in our polls and see if eveyone uses antivirus software and if so, which one. i need a new laptop i was looking for a vuris so virus!

i nneeedd to make my GAY MAC faster so i can play MINECRAFFT :) i had mods and shiz but i got a mac and it sucks now so need a virus for this one and need a new comp ;)I NEED THE WORST VIRUS U CAN GET WELL AT LEAST A Ba D ONE PLEASE PUT A LINK IN THE COMMENT SECTION PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most people want to download malware to test their anti-virus software.

There are website where you can download malware samples, or virus simulators like the Trojan Simulator here. However, there are websites that on purpose provide viruses users can download.

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