Consolidating police fire departments

The cost of providing service is expected to be kept at a minimum, while the quality of service increases.

Taxpayers are demanding accountability from their city leaders while desiring an increase in safety and quality of life in their neighborhoods.

"It's disappointing that the city does not see the need to discuss an issue that will dramatically alter the administration of the police department with the unions that represent those members prior to trying to implement it," he said.They say that the RFA would cost a 0,000 home 6 a year, instead of the current taxes they are paying.The RFA would be funded with: 1.50 Fire Levy .50 EMS Levy .86 Excess levy For a total of 2. of assessed evaluation 100,000 home would cost 6 a year * In a statement from the districts, they tell KXRO; “The fire service today is facing many of the same problems that challenge private industry.Until its directly told to us by the mayor (we won't know)," said South Ward Councilman John Sharpe James.Rumors have swirled over possible changes in both the police and fire department's administration over recent days, though Baraka's administration has offered no comment on whether cuts have already come down.

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