Consolidating excel workbooks

If you are a power Excel user and feel comfortable with macros and VBA, you can combine multiple Excel sheets into one by using some VBA script, for example this one.

Please keep in mind that for the VBA code to work correctly, all of the source worksheets must have the same structure, the same column headings and same column order.

I hope you will find the information in this short tutorial helpful.

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The easiest way to set that up is to first create any pivot table based on you Power Pivot data.

The tutorial demonstrates different ways to combine sheets in Excel depending on what result you are after - consolidate data from multiple worksheets, combine several sheets by copying their data, or merge two Excel spreadsheets into one by the key column.

Today we will tackle a problem that many Excel users are struggling with daily - how to merge multiple Excel sheets into one without copying and pasting.

The Consolidate Worksheets Wizard provides 2 special options to handle the following scenarios. Merge Excel sheets with a different order of columns When you are combining the sheets created by different users, the order of columns is often different.

For the wizard to identify the columns correctly, make sure you have selected the option My tables have headers.

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