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STM 2017) with the cooperation of The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and the Rev. Karl Krueger, the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod, ELCA (NEPA), is able to make available a limited number of reproductions of two pieces of Reformation history. The reproductions will be numbered and limited to an exclusive run of 100 copies each. The first reproduction is of the title page from the original Book of Concord dating from 1580.

Each of these reproductions represents the theology and doctrine of Martin Luther and Philip Melanchthon, and are the result of research done by Pr. The translation, in part reads: CONCORDIA YHWH Christian, Recapitulated, Unanimous Confession of the Teaching and Faith by the Undersigned Electors, Princes, and Estates of the Augsburg Confession and by Their Theologians, Whose Names Are Subscribed at the End of the Book.( The second reproduction is of an extremely unique piece of art dating from the eighteenth century.The art depicts Martin Luther in a way that is unusual and fascinating.Sign up today and find many Personal Ads in New hampshire. Giselle Tchibenou clearly recalls the arrival of the emergency vehicles to 43 Canton Circle in Concord on March 15.

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