Cigars women dating

She smiles back but doesn’t speak – words would only complicate a perfect moment.Your humidor is beside you, and you take out the special cigar you’ve been saving for a perfect moment.Let me paint you a picture: you are sitting on a wood porch that juts off the back of a cozy wood cabin perched on the edge of a wide blue lake.

This is a great cigar for ladies for a few different reasons: first of all it’s mild with a subtly sweet flavor.

The flavor starts out light and smooth and gradually becomes darker with a little bit of a bite reminiscent of espresso.

The construction and flavor of this little beauty will really give her the “classic” cigar experience, if that’s what she’s into.

Saying “It’s so sexy when women smoke cigars,” won’t necessarily get the point across, but saying something like “I love cigars but they’d be so much better if I could enjoy them with you, I’d love to recommend some good ones for you to try,” will have her swooning in no time.

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