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After flinging Yakone in the snow, Noatak ran off into the blizzard, prompting Yakone and Tarrlok to search for him in the following days; they eventually assumed that he had perished in the storm.

At some point in his life, Noatak discovered that he could use his bloodbending skills to strip a bender of their ability.

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Amon, born as Noatak, was the charismatic and mysterious leader of an anti-bender revolutionary group known as the Equalists.

Growing up, he was a good-natured child who always looked out for his younger brother and wanted everyone to be treated fairly and equally.

When Noatak and Tarrlok both discovered they were waterbenders, Yakone trained them ruthlessly to develop their skills.

As the brothers and Korra were riding away on Naga, tailed by several Equalists, Amon allowed them to escape, remarking that the Avatar would be the perfect individual to spread word about his powerful new ability.

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He subsequently offered his brother to join him to start a new life away from Yakone, but Tarrlok declined, arguing that he was worried about their mother, thus causing Noatak to agree with their father's opinion of Tarrlok being weak.

Amon emerged from the shadows and revealed that he would allow her to keep her bending for the time being, stating that she would otherwise become a martyr and cause benders from every nation to rally behind her "untimely demise".

However, he warned a terrified Korra that he would "save her for last" and finally "destroy her" in their inevitable showdown.

When his father had supposedly confronted the bender, he and the rest of his family were murdered and Amon's face was left scarred from the attack, forcing him to hide behind a mask ever since.

He also claimed that he had been granted the power to remove bending by the spirits because they believed the Avatar had failed the world and wanted him to usher in an era of equality.

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