Brunei dating faezah hajah

Why I chose to address the issue is simple: Sex is different today than it was in the past and it will continue to change with the times.The cool thing with modern dating for seniors is that many sites are specifically designed for the seniors.I dont think I would wanna be in her shoes, unless it was based purely on true love (dating from the start).However, I believe that she still keeps in contact with her friends..I've seen her driving around, with her friends in the car and I think that was a trip to her parent's house.

From my point of view, I think she's more into it for the privileges.

Hi, I'm new here..actually frm Brunei myself and very intrigued abt Princess Sarah ever since I heard abt the engagement.

Well with her position and status now i really hope Sarah can do something worthwhile , meaningful , making a difference to people of lesser means and the have nots.

Princess Hjh Nor'ain's daughter, Pengiran Anak Hjh Siti Radhiah is getting married this weekend.

Her husband is a distinct cousin from her father's side.

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