Box updating x

Change the page up/down buttons from 5 minute skip to 30 second skip: Unlike the old legacy boxes and remotes, on the X1 platform this is a hidden feature of the X1 software on the cable box, not the remote itself.This code alters how the X1 software treats the page up/down function, so the remote itself doesn't change.It is an extra storage space that recordings must be explicitly copied to.The cloud storage space is also available to the tunerless Xi3 boxes since they have no local storage of their own.

X2 was a fairly major revision of the first generation X1 software, the X2 guide features an overhauled user interface, a recommendations engine, voice control, and cloud DVR storage, and other general user interface enhancements and refinements.Much like the "RNG" designation used for legacy i Guide digital cable boxes there are different levels of "X" designations being used for different levels of features and boxes can come from a variety of vendors.These boxes are based on Comcast's new Reference Design Kit (RDK).If it works you'll be presented with a white diagnostic screen.It may take a few tries to get the feel for the timing of activating the menu.

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