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1) Never let him be right When having a discussion with […] Sex is a touchy subject for many couples.Some start off their marriage on rocky terms when it comes to sex due to past impurity, or they struggle to get things “right” in the bedroom.However, many Egyptologists have taken a different approach.

The Torah tells us that Joseph was the overseer of Potiphar's estate.

It’s important to check ourselves often so that we are not blindly sinking ourselves and damaging our communication within our marriage. It is filled with so much wisdom, and every time I read it I am so incredibly convicted and it checks my sin instantly. Let’s look at some of what the book of proverbs says about dealing with a woman who is argumentative, nagging, complaining, and cranky. We are not inclined to seek out a gentle, meek and submissive heart.

Scripture instructs women to be meek, gentle and submissive not because these are character traits that come naturally to women, but because they are the exact opposite of the fallen woman’s tendency.

There are many possible titles one can give the chief slave or servant.

The Torah chose to call Joseph the one "Over the house" (Genesis 39:4).

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