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I tend to obsess with my own adult children and their lives and how I don't want them making bad decisions in their lives but I keep this to myself. Everything on the checklist points to my life and childhood.I always knew something was different about me & my brothers, but we didn't know what it was. I stay isolated in my classroom at school and the only interaction with adults is at lunch and then it's awkward for me and them. I think that's close enough to say I'm probably Asperger's. I'm a 41 year old stay at home mom who enjoys staying at home, because when I worked, I always felt intimidated by office bullies and had trouble making close friends.

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Like many people on the spectrum, I have a number of other handicaps -- my hearing is not what it should be." I'm very active in several online groups, one of which sent a link to your article.One of our favorite things to say when a new person who suspects they're "one of us" joins the groups is "welcome home!I have been recently told earlier this year by a psychologist that I most likely have aspergers.Once my friends at church found out it feels like they've been treating me differently.

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