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These ancient survivors have weathered millennia in some of the world’s most extreme environments, yet climate change and human encroachment have put many of them in danger.

It is underscored by an innate environmentalism and driven by Sussman’s relentless curiosity.

by Zhao Qingquan Penjing is an exquisite Chinese traditional art.

The two Chinese characters for “penjing” (“pot” and “landscape”) capture the essence of this art: sculpting microcosms of the beauty of the natural world from plants, rocks, soil and water, both as an artistic process and as horticultural cultivation.

Ries For centuries the practice of undertaking fieldwork and expeditions has been adopted as an essential part of research by scientists and scholars from diverse disciplines.

As a method of collecting on-site data through observation, the practice is shared by disciplines ranging from biology and botany, through geology, geography, and archaeology to anthropology, linguistics, and folklore studies.

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