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Many otherwise good stories are spoiled when the characters are mean and angry. Your grasp of historical details about the Peninsula War was amazing. I will try my darndest to be patient and wait till April until Simply Unforgetable is released. Having read the last of the 'Slightly' series I think you could succeed, Mary, in a side line hobby as a match maker. I thoroughly enjoyed picturing Wulfric being thawed by Christine, although after the dive into a freezing cold lake as part of his courting dance I wonder if 'thaw' was the right word! I currently have "More than a Mistress" on my bookself and I'm planning on reading it as soon as the other one it finished. It is near impossible to get them even in e-bay, etc. wait for sequels, not knowing the end of the story and guessing about characters' fates.

It seems more enjoyable when the main characters are working together rather than fighting each other. Please don't give it up to write about serial killers as so many of my past favorites have. I just finished "Beyond the Sunrise" and it was incredible. I absolutely loved it, and I am currently reading "No Man's Mistress", so far that one is very good too. :-) I guess it's some kind of torture to start your series, get emotionally involved - and...

We ask for original, unpublished essays of ten thousand words (or approximately forty manuscript pages), although we are prepared to be flexible.

In addition, writers supply six to eight personal photographs with the significant people, places, and events of their lives, beginning with a standard head and shoulders portrait of the author.

Did you and Bernard collaborate on "Beyond the Sunrise"? I read the excerpt from your new series and can hardly wait. Atrip to Reno would not be out of the question to meet my favorite author. I usually pick up anything with your name on it so please don't stop writing. Thank you for the update notice, and thank you many times for your books. Thank you for notifying me about your updated website. Who knows maybe the whole Renal unit will be hooked before too long. Their story was told in A Promise of Spring, but ended far to soon. Their story was told in A Promise of Spring, but ended far to soon. I accessed your site to see if Wulfric's story is out in paperback,but I see it is much too soon. And by the way my husband and I think Chris is the best.

May the new year bring you and your family good health and much happiness. I loved the "Slightly" stories and was upset when the brought out Wolfs story in hard back first, since I keep my favorite books and reread them, I like them to be the same. The Book One night for love is Lauren's Aborted wedding from a Summer to remember, isn't it? I read a lot of regencies but yours are far the very best. I gave some to the used book barn at the library before I smartened up. I'm very excited to hear about your new book coming out in April, 2005. He has been so kind and such an inspriration to Luke. Dear Mary Balogh, You are cordially invited to write an autobiographical essay for Contemporary Authors, an award-winning reference series providing biographical and bibliographical information on more than 100,000 modern novelists, poets, playwrights, nonfiction, and other writers.

i love the name, but not sure on how to say it, thank u , ur biggest fan xxx Wrote... I enjoyed that story the most of all the ones in the book. Your web site doesn't refer to anything up and coming. I remember i picked up a summer to remember just because i had nothing else to read, and the books that followed.

Mary - I loved your "Slightly" series and the Bedwyn family. Looking forward to your reply and anything you write! I'm upset now that i read all the Bedwyns series so fast. Dear Mary, I am a romance reviewer for the Chronicle Herald in Halifax, and I have read your book, Slightly Sinful, a wonderful love story.

The author will receive 00 upon acceptance of the autobiographical essay in addition to the exposure gained throughout the academic and public library market worldwide.I suffering from guilt - it must take you months to write a novel and I devour in two evenings! Have you ever thought about writing a follow-up re: Syndham from A Summer to Remember? I've enjoyed so many of your books, most recently the Bedwyn's stories. Even though some of them are the stories of the men in the family there is still a very strong female character. I am a member of the Baby Boomers (born in 1946), rebellious againest the 50's but now old fashion.I just finished Slightly Dangerous and it was terrific. Your emphasis on love and holding firm to ones principles and beliefs is what I enjoy most about you books and have drawn a lot of strength from in the last couple of months when I need it the most. I think that men and women are equal BUT DIFFERENT.I stopped by to see what books you are working on now, which was nicely answered on your newletter page. Do you think any of your early regencies will be reissued? Mine is a very long story indeed but I just wanted to thank you for writing such STRONG female characters and giving me the strength to listen to and follow my heart. Women are the heart of the family, the power of the world.Thank you for the hours and hours of enjoyment your books have given me and keep those stories coming! Men desperately need women to help them think things through, to cheer them on, to help them lick their wounds, to make them right or to hold them to high moral standards.

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